Spirit Quartz

There are many types of crystals that are used for rituals, jewelry making, healing and everyday life. Crystals can be overwhelming if you don’t know what they are or how to use them. Below are some of the most common types of crystals and simple explanations that will help you get started on their healing modalities, physical attributes, and of course, their magickal uses. ♡




Amethyst is one of the most known crystals that is used today. Amethyst comes in a variety of hues of violets and purples varying the look of the stone. Amethyst is part of the quartz family and has many healing benefits like relieving stress and strain, balancing mood swings, lessening irritability, dispelling anger, rage, fear, anxieties, and lessens sadness and grief. Amethyst activates spiritual awareness, expands intuition, and enhances your psychic abilities. Amethyst is also a protective crystal from negative energy and spirits, transmuting the energy into love and light.

Amethyst can be placed around your home for protection or placed in your pocket or purse on the go. Many wear amethyst jewelry as a form of protection, healing and even as a super cute accessory! Amethyst is also great to use while meditating as it cleanses your energy and calms the mind.


Selenite is a very popular crystal used in healing and rituals. Selenite is a crystallized form of gypsum, it is often white and clear. The name of selenite comes from the Greek Goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon. Selenite is also called Desert Rose, Satin Spar, and Maria glass. Selenite is a great crystal for inner peace, calmness, meditation, reik,i or any form of spiritual work or divination. 

Selenite is often used to cleanse your energy, assists in insight from source, clearing judgment and confusion and helps with seeing the bigger picture. It is the master of clearing negative energy, purifying the environment and charging other crystals. During a ritual, you can use selenite by holding it in your hands and breathing. Place it around your home or lay other crystals on or next to it to charge them. Selenite can be also worn as jewelry, necklaces, rings, and much more.


If you’re new to crystal healing, activating selenite will help whichever crystal you are using to manifest your intentions. When you activate your selenite, you are programming it for a set intention.The best way to activate selenite crystal is by the full moon energy. As selenite is the crystal blessed by the Moon Goddess, it can be charged with healing energy from the moonlight while doing a full moon incantation.


If you are looking for other ways to activate your selenite (or other crystals), you can place your crystal in a Tibetan singing bowl and acoustically program them. All you need to do is rub the edges of the copper bowl with the Himalayan wood mallet and set the intention to activate.


Because this stone is self-cleansing, there is no need to clean them. But if you notice they start losing their benefits (manifestations are not working), you can rinse them in moon water (not soak), or place them in a window to charge during a full moon.


Clear Quartz is one of the most common crystals used in the world of crystal healing and jewelry. Clear quartz is a rock crystal made up of silicon dioxide. Clear quartz is known as the master healer and will amplify energy and thoughts.

Clear quartz is known to help draw off any negative energy, balance and harmonize your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual self. Clear quartz enhances your psychic abilities and stimulates your immune system and brings balance. Clear quartz can also be worn as jewelry. This harmonizing stone can be used in your home, meditation, many rituals or simply carried in your pocket for an on the go aid.


Black Tourmaline is made of aluminum borosilicate and is a hexagonal crystal where the colour is often black. Black tourmaline is often used for protection from unwanted spirits or energy.



Black tourmaline is also a grounding crystal meaning it grounds your energy into the earth while cleansing your energy and aura. Black tourmaline also helps release anger and feelings of unworthiness, as well as helping you to release negative thoughts. Black tourmaline benefits are supporting and reduction of stress or anxiety, as well as improving circulation in your body. Black tourmaline also helps to detoxify your body and supports a healthy immune system. This powerful crystal is often worn as jewelry as well as being used in protection rituals against spirits or negative energy.


Citrine is a transparent coarse grained variety of silica mineral quartz which is usually pale yellow or orange with a brownish mix. Citrine is associated with the solar plexus. It helps with supporting your power chakra by giving you confidence and power.




Often Citrine is used to bring positivity and optimism. It is often used to assist in manifestation of financial abundance and opportunities. Citrine also stimulates your digestive system by cleansing and clearing the blocked area to detoxify it. Citrine can be worn as jewelry and placed around your home. Citrine is often used during abundance rituals to bring in money and wealth.


Moonstone is made up of a variety of the feldspar group of mineral orthoclase. Moonstone is composed of two types of feldspar minerals. It is an opal coloured crystal that varies depending on the stone. It is also well known to be grey, colourless, brown, yellow, or green. Moonstone is used for inner growth, new beginnings, and soothes emotional instability and relieves stress.

Moonstone can enhance intuition, inspiration, success and good fortune. Moonstone is often used during meditation and inner growth rituals. This simple yet stunning gem is often worn as jewelry.


Pyrite, also known as fool's gold, is a mineral pyrite or iron pyrite. Pyrite is an iron sulfide with chemical formula FeS2. Pyrite is often a metallic cluster, or a brassy yellow coloured mineral which gives a look of gold, which is the reason it is called fool's gold.



Pyrite is a very powerful protective stone, warding off any unwanted energy or spirits. Pyrite stimulates your memory helping you to remember important information that is needed. The ancient Incas used pyrite during meditation and divination. Pyrite inspires the universal energies to activate nourishing energies of the body, balancing and harmonizing one's emotional state and overall well-being. Pyrite can be incorporated into your home and office decor, jewelry, and rituals for activation of universal energy, cleansing and clearing to remember one's true self.


Smokey Quartz is a grey or brownish type of quartz. Smokey quartz like other quartz gemstones, is made up of silicon dioxide crystal. This crystal is an amazing grounding stone, just like any type of quartz. Smokey quartz dispels fears, lifts your mood and lessens depression.


Smokey quartz gets rid of negative energy, bringing emotional calmness and relieving stress and anxiety. Smokey quartz promotes positive thoughts and actions. It is associated with the root chakra, grounding your energy and stability in your life. Smokey quartz is a great choice for rituals on letting go. 

Rose Quartz just like the quartz family is a mineral composed of silicon dioxide. The Rose quartz colour comes from the amounts of titanium, iron or manganese in the mineral. Rose quartz gives off pinky hues varying from the chunk of quartz.

Rose quartz meaning is love and compassion, which is why this crystal is great for the heart and throat chakra. Rose quartz healing properties are loving energy, abundance, joy, and healing emotional issues. Rose quartz is also used for increasing fertility, gentleness, love and self love. Place this stone around your home especially in your bathroom during a ritual bath or in your bedroom for some self love. 

Tigers Eye is also a part of the quartz family and is a mineral composed of silicon dioxide, and higher levels of iron which gives it its striped appearance. 

Tigers eye is a protection stone and brings good luck to those who keep it. This “eye” catching stone brings clarity and focus and assists in resolving problems and clouded emotions. Tigers eye helps to dispel fears and anxieties for its user. It is associated with the 3 lower chakras; solar plexus, sacral, and root chakra. Tigers eye also helps with decision making, grounding, increases activity, courage, and self confidence. Tigers eye can be worn as jewelry, used in rituals of protection or placed in your pocket. This stone also makes for a wonderful gift because of its abundance of uses and benefits!


Spirit Quartz  (one of our shop favourites), is also a part of the quartz family and  is more of an exotic crystal due to its colour and shape. Spirit quartz is also called cactus quartz or pineapple quartz which has been encrusted with a second generation of smaller crystals grown on top of it like amethyst, citrine and smokey quartz.



Spirit quartz is a purification crystal for cleansing and clearing your aura and energy itself. It is associated with the crown chakra connecting you to the spirit realm. Spirit quartz is used for spiritual connection, uplifting your energy/vibration and balance. Spirit quartz can be placed around your home or worn as jewelry and used in rituals for spiritual growth and expansion.


Green Aventurine is a quartzite and is composed of microcrystalline quartz grains with fuchsite mica, giving it the colour green.



Green aventurine is a stone used for prosperity, balance, creativity, independence and calmness. Green is associated with the heart chakra protecting the heart and balancing the heart energy. Green aventurine can be used in rituals associated with the heart, carried in your pocket or placed around your home and worn as jewelry (especially after a breakup or loss).




~So there you have it. These stones will give you a good head start on your crystal healing journey. If there are any crystals you would like to learn more about, feel free to reach out to us! If you are a creative and love to write or take photos, drop us a note! We are always looking for content creators to collaborate with. ♡~




Author: Adriana Liane + Dominique Cadeau

Editor: Dominique T. Cadeau

Photo: Archives at Shutterstock + Unsplash