Local Owner Takes Over as First Creative Partner at The Crystal Vault Artisan Boutique.





Jessica Clement joined The Crystal Vault as the first Creative Partner (don’t worry, that’s just our cooler term for a franchise owner) in the fall of 2020. I got to speak with her and see how things are going since taking on her new position with the company. This is what she had to say...



 “I had the opportunity to join The Crystal Vault team as the first Franchise and store owner in Cobalt, Ontario in September 2020. You may be thinking, wow taking on a business during covid, why wouldn't you wait? Since the first time I stepped foot in The Crystal Vault in June of 2019 as a customer, I knew that this place and its creator/founder were magical. I didn't know to what extent my involvement would be, but I knew I wanted to invest my energy in this magical space. Dominique and I didn't know each other at the time, but we quickly developed an everlasting friendship. Mid pandemic, I took on this incredible opportunity because I believed in the magic that is within this beautifully curated space. How could I turn down a once in a life time opportunity that the Universe and my great friend offered to me!” - Jessica





Jess, what is your favourite thing about being an independent shop owner at The Crystal Vault? 

“I love working with our talented artisans & makers. There is so much talent in our community and surrounding area. Making relationships with our makers an sharing their talent with others brings me happiness. Nevertheless, I also love our interest on divination tools, spirituality, and witchy items. The shop has a beautiful collection of products from crystals, self-care items, beauty and wellness, spiritual items, ritual products, books & Tarot, and so much more. Bringing new items in the store is probably one of my favourite things to do and book keeping matters are my least favourite (lol).” - Jessica



“Eight months being the local store owner, and I couldn't be happier. Every day I look forward to coming to this beautiful space and seeing our amazing customers. I invest a lot of my time and energy to share a beautiful vibe with others. I am so grateful for all of our amazing supporters. This space is meant to be shared with others! When we were closed due to covid, the saddest part was not seeing people walk into the store. I am happy things are looking better, and I plan on having many successful years in this magical shop.” - Jessica





How have you found this last year working with the Crystal Vault team?

This last 8 months has been amazing! Since the first step I took into the store as a customer in summer 2019, I knew that something special was in front of me. Aside from covid and closures, when I am at the shop I love the atmosphere we have created and the camaraderie that happens every day.


Would you recommend to other creatives looking to collaborate and create a partnership as a franchise owner?

Absolutely. This is a unique opportunity to be a store owner of The Crystal Vault Artisan Boutique. If you value handmade items, sustainability, mindfulness products, spirituality, divination tools, and crystals; this is a collaboration you won’t want to miss out on.


In your opinion, what are some of the benefits to a creative partnership with The Crystal Vault?

There are many benefits to this partnership. Dominique is great at answering questions when you have them so you always have someone available to support you on this journey. You also have your own store to be creative and express yourself. This is probably my favourite, I love to decorate the shop, find new artisans, and get creative (I to love to make products)! Lastly, you get to be a part of a wonderful brand that is just getting started & growing!


To shop local and see what’s in store in Cobalt, check out this shop owners independent website. 


Photos by Justina Phippen Photography