The Crystal Vault Holiday Gift Guide 2021

The holidays are here, and if you’re thinking about picking up some crystals for your friends, loved ones or even yourself, here are some guidelines that will help! We’ve created this shopping guide for your new age-y friends, aka your besties who live and die for CoStar, swear by their favourite tarot cards, and have looked up how to buy a crystal ball more than once (this past week)! 

Shop below and let us know what you think. 

Baby Witches: 

For the beginner who is wanting to learn more about all things witchy! From protection to money spells and everything in between. 

Green Witches:

This one is for the person in your life who’s obsessed with all things nature, natural ways of healing and protection, witchy style!

The Divine Feminine:

For any women in your life, for the feminist, for those who are fierce but when necessary, loving and always supportive!

The Ultimate Crystal Lover:

This is for the person in your life who is obsessed with all things crystals! Did you know there are 20 crystals that are considered essential? This package will get them off to a great start!

The Crystal Newbie:

This one is for the person who has recently tapped into their spiritual side! From beginner tarot sets, to crystals and all things manifestation. 

The Manifester:

For the person in your life who is all about manifesting their deepest desires from money, to love, to an over-all abundant life! Enhance your sets with a candle, incense and some crystals.