Kismet Bath Salt Soaks

Experience the relaxing, calming, and detoxifying effects of our salt soaks. Whether for yourself, a friend, or a family member, all are a perfect addition to any bath time ritual.


SOOTHE, made with mineral rich, pink himalayan salt, cleanses your body while the floral scent of ylang ylang and dried rose petals turn your bath into a luxurious oasis. 


FLOAT, made with epsom and Dead Sea salts, helps to soothe sore muscles, while the invigorating scent of eucalyptus essential oil and peppermint leaves calms your mind. 


CHILL, made with epsom salts, Pacific Sea salts, and activated charcoal will help to detoxify your body, while lavender and rosemary essential oil allow you to slip into a state of deep relaxation.