Midnight Rose Bath Bomb

Midnight Rose bath bomb will fizz and bubble, releasing the sweet smell of freshly picked roses, and Geranium leaving the water dark and black and your skin silky smooth!

How To Use: ​Fill the tub with warm water. Turn bath water off and drop your bath bomb in the water. Watch it fizz and make a beautiful bath color. Hop in, soak up, and relax with the calming aromas

Contains small amount of activated charcoal. Rinse your tub after it drains to wash away the charcoal. May cling to oils on tub. So thoroughly rinse. It is advised to always clean your tub of precious soap scums before using a dark toned bath bomb

Ingredients:Grape Seed Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid (Non-GMO), Coconut Milk Powder, Meditrannean Dead Sea Salt, Rose Petals, Corn Starch, SLSA (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Pure Vitamin E, Polysorbate, Black Mica, Activated Charcoal, Rose Geranium Essential Oil