Simple, accessible spells and rituals for the busy woman who wants to stop wishing for a better life and start manifesting it - right now.I wish I had the money to go on that holiday... I wish I could get that big promotion at work... I wish my novel would get published and do really well... How many times a day do find yourself wishing? But how many of these wishes actually come true? It's time to turn those wishes into reality with just a few simple spells.


Wishcraft is an ancient practice of "Witching," and a contemporary way of manifesting for those of us who don't have the time or resources to spend hours performing complex magick rituals. Wishcraft requires nothing but a candle and a crystal; it's simple, relaxing, easy, and fun, and anyone can do it. Within this book, you'll find spells, rituals and recipes to solve common problems, such as:


  • financial issues: manifest more money, free yourself of debt, and attract abundance
  • health & happiness: learn to appreciate yourself, cultivate a kinder attitude, and practice self-forgiveness
  • relationships: revamp your love life, dispel negativity after an argument, honor your friends, and bless your family
  • success: pass an exam or test, manifest the fruits of your labor, become confident, and manifest cool new projects
  • and more!