COOL Refreshing Auric Spray

COOL is an angelic flower spray that connects with the crown and throat chakras to help raise vibration. COOL has the highest vibration frequency out of all of Tristen’s sprays, making it very energizing. This spray assists with accessing higher dimensions, breathing deeply, peace, transcendence, while purifying and refreshing the energetical system. The effect of this energy healing spray is great after heated exercises like a sweaty yoga class, or during stressful moments to help cool off.

Scent Profile : COOL has a fluffy vanilla sweet scent, mixed with crisp and sharp minty notes. Top notes of wintergreen and peppermint give this spray a cold and fresh experience. Middle notes of juicy orange and fragrant lily add a playfully sweet aroma. Benzoin (gum resin from Indian styrax trees) acts as the base note with its deeply rich smell. - Imagine minty candy canes and marshmallows, flowers in the sunlight with its morning dew, sticky sap from ancient Indian trees, and a big breath of fresh winter air all mixed together in a blue bottle of love.

COOL is also made with lily of the valley flower essence. Although this essence has no scent, it has a potent energy. Lily of the valley flower essence helps restore innocence and pure intentions in adults. The energy of lily of the valley has a child-like quality, full of purity, beauty and simplicity.

This spray is blessed by Archangel Gabriel. The angel of communication and the messenger of the Gods. Archangel Gabriel has a pure, clear, and grand energy. This spray is great for balancing the throat chakra.

Ingredients : Water, Lily of the Valley Flower Essence, Pure Peppermint Essential Oil, Pure Wintergreen Essential Oil, Pure Benzoin Essential Oil, Pure Lily Essential Oil, Pure Orange Essential Oil, Brandy, and Love!

Directions : Shake the bottle, close your eyes, open your heart, spray in your auric field and breathe deeply.

UV Light protected bottle

Avoid use during pregnancy or if breastfeeding. Do not use on animals, babies or toddlers.