Silver and Ghosts, Creepy Cobalt and Region

“Moody head frames rusting with age. Boom-town buildings reflecting a faded glory. Mining shafts plunging into the rock. The numerous relics of Cobalt’s past hide dark mysteries and eerie haunts. Meet the ghosts of miners who continue their back-breaking toil in the Colonial, even in death. Visit the Bunker Museum in the historic and imposing Fraser Hotel, where the soul of a troubled man seems to linger. Tragic spirits of the Right of Way Mine remain trapped in the shafts below the foreboding Right of Way head frame, occasionally making their presence felt in terrifying fashion.







Join the ghost of a murdered man in a vain attempt to seek justice. And venture into the densely forested hills around town in search of an elusive monster. Join author and historian Andrew Hind on a journey to Cobalt’s haunted side, where the ethereal residents are unrestrained by mortal bonds. Read on—if you dare—about the creepy side of Cobalt and its environs. If the stories within don’t frighten you, you may want to check your pulse….you may already be dead!” - Author, Andrew Hind





The spirit of Cobalt’s silver-mining heritage is preserved in the eerie headframes, rusting mining machinery, cavernous mine shafts, and yes, in the many ghosts that haunt town and hills beyond. Silver and Ghosts: Creepy Cobalt and Region explores the community’s haunted heritage in chilling detail.



The Crystal Vault is one of locations featured in the book. The building, a one-time bank dating to 1913, has a long history of eerie happenings and things that go bump in the night.


Here’s an excerpt, as recalled by a former owner who decided – perhaps unwisely – to spend a night in the building.


“When went to bed I was feeling really uneasy. There’s no one in the room, but I couldn’t help but feel as though I was being watched as I fell asleep,” she recalls. “I woke up around 3am and saw a ghost standing at the foot of the bed. It scared the living heck out of me. I froze. I had to force myself to breath. The ghost was motionless, just standing there silently watching me. I remember the ghost vividly. It was male, about 5’10”, and wasn’t totally transparent though I could see through him a bit. I was terrified and paralyzed with fear. Finally, I was able to scream for help and then, in the blink of an eye, he was gone.”


Who is this ethereal spirit? What causes him to be trapped with the historic building even after death had claimed his mortal body? Is he misunderstood or malign? Read Silver and Ghosts: Creepy Cobalt and Region and see if you can unearth the answers.




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Written by Andrew Hind

Photos: Archives from 

Cobalt Historical Society