December Tarot Insight

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our new monthly Tarot blog post. This Tarot card pull is made with the intent to help you in the month ahead. If this post has reached you, have a read and see if it’s a message for you! Deck information will be available at the end of this blog post.

A reading with multiple cups cards typically indicates that the situation involves the heart, feelings, & emotions. Cups are the suit of emotion after all. This suit also speaks of love, relationships with others, and all of the good things surrounding that.


Let’s dive in with the first card, the seven of cups. We have some opportunities and choices here. If we look at the card itself, the woman is looking at her possibilities. Lots of enticing ones too. By the looks of things, you have lots of opportunities in-front of you, but make sure it’s realistic for you. Sometimes opportunities look good but until we really start to think about it, and evaluate it for us - it might not be suited for us after all. It’s a good idea to check in with your higher-self for some guidance on which path you should take and what new adventures you should embark on. This card can also represent the wonderful ideas or goals you have for yourself but you’re not ready to invest the time and effort to bring that goal to fruition. This would be a good time to focus on one thing - and work at it & get it done. This card wants you to really move forward with your vision and not just envision it in your mind with no solid action taking. Get it done, it’s in closer reach than you think! Make sure this opportunity is in alignment with you and your purpose and pursue it. It’s time to stop day dreaming about your wishes/wants and actually get them.


Let’s move on to the fool reversed. This card is about new beginnings, being free-spirited, spontaneous but when reversed it signifies holding back & risk taking. This card can indicate that you’ve tackled on a new project or goal but you’re not quite ready to share it with others or fully give it your all. How ironic, our seven of cups is yelling at us - do it! And the fool reversed it letting us know there is still something holding us back. You might feel like the timing isn’t right, you’re scared to share this idea with others, or you don’t feel like you’re equipped or ready to take this project or opportunity on. It’s ok to feel scared or like you don’t know what will come next. However, balance this need to control and know the outcome with the unconditional support of the Universe helping you and giving you what you desire. This card could also mean that you’re taking too many risk and being a little careless.   The free-spirit of the fool is needed but ensure you’re not harming others or yourself in the process. Continue to embrace the fool’s energy. Dance in your home, sing a little louder on your way to work, get creative and express yourself.


Lastly, the queen of cups suggest flowing, intuition, understanding, caring. If we look at the picture, she presents collected, calm, waiting to lend a hand or an ear. This card suggests that you are caring and support your people in your life buy listening and showing your love to them in many different ways. You are empathetic and you tune in to your intuition to help your friends and family. You are creative, intuitive, and flow with the energies around you. If we tie this card in with the fool, perhaps tap into your intuition like you’re so good at doing - to read others and their opportunities. Are they in alignment with you if you’re collaborating with someone on a new project? If this is a solo venture, trust yourself in this process! Trust that you’re inner guidance is leading you the right way. Trust your intuition, and feel your emotions, they will guide you. Not everything needs to make sense in your head - ask yourself, how does it feel in your heart?


Deck used : Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle (can be found on our website and in store)

A little bit about me : I love Tarot and am still learning. I’m always called to pick up my decks and get insight and messages. Follow along for a monthly Tarot blog post to see what’s ahead for the month. If you don’t resonate, that’s ok. Take from it what you will. Tarot is a lot about interpretation and for me, leads with intuition.